The patriotic song America was written in 1831 by Samuel Francis Smith while attending the Andover Theological Seminary. Andover is often referred to as the "Home of America".
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Assessed Values

Fiscal year 2016 property record cards are available by clicking here

Fiscal Year 2016

The Board of Assessors is now required by the Department of Revenue to make adjustments to assessments on an annual basis. The values are based on sales that took place in calendar year 2014. You may view a list of the 2014 Sales.

If you do not feel that your value is correct, you must file an application for abatement after the third quarter tax bill, which will be mailed at the end of December 2015. All applications must be received in the Assessors’ Office on or before Monday, February 1, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.