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Andover is home to hundreds of various sized businesses and is known for itís a vibrant and diversified economic base. Andover is intersected by two major highways, Interstate 93 and Interstate 495, an active rail-line, and is less than thirty miles from two international airports, Boston, MA and Manchester, NH. The town contains several industrial parks, a thriving downtown central business district, and a number of mixed use commercial areas. Andover is fortunate to be home to a variety of companies representing major industries, including defense contracting, computer technology, biopharmaceutical, investment and banking, and medical products. Andoverís largest commercial/industrial companies collectively employ over 14,000 people and include: Raytheon, Phillips Healthcare, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals, Putman Investments, Schneider Electric, Vicor Computer Equipment, Verizon Communications, Enterasys, Hewlett Packard, and Smith & Nephew Medical Devices.

There are approximately 259 acres of developable commercial and industrial land remaining in Andover, as well as significant office space ownership and rental opportunities suitable for accommodating almost any business need. For more information on doing business in Andover, please contact Paul Materazzo in Community Development and Planning at pmaterazzo@andoverma.gov or 978-623-8650.