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DPW - Frequently Asked Snow Removal Questions

1. Why is my street always plowed last and what are the Town's priorities?

The Town's priorities are as follows:

  1. Public Safety facilities.
  2. Major arterial roads (Route 133, Route 28, etc.)
  3. School parking lots.
  4. Other arterial routes (Woburn Street, Andover Street, School Street, etc.)
  5. Subdivision collector streets - generally the streets that cul-de-sac streets feed into.
  6. Cul-de-sacs (dead end streets).
  7. Municipal parking lots.
  8. Sidewalks

2. Why is it that I see snowplows and sander trucks going past my house that are not plowing or sanding?

These trucks are driving to their routes. If they begin sanding before reaching their route, they will not have enough to complete the route and early plowing would delay them.

3. Why does the snowplow driver fill up my driveway?

Snowplow drivers do not intentionally fill driveways. When plowing a road, they aim to add the excess snow to existing snowbanks, however, gaps such as an open driveway, will inevitably be filled with new snow during this process. Waiting to shovel until the end of the snowstorm will help minimize the need for repeated shoveling.

4. How is the plowing of sidewalks prioritized?

After the snowstorm subsides, sidewalk plowing begins during regular work hours as they are classified as non-emergency routes. Individual priorities are:

  1. Main school walking routes within one-half mile of the elementary schools.
  2. Main walking routes within one mile of the middle schools.
  3. Heavy pedestrian walking areas outside of school routes.
  4. Non-school walking routes.
  5. All other sidewalks. If it snows during the time that the sidewalks are being plowed, then that work stops and the street plowing priority list begins again. It is important to note that some non-priority sidewalks may not get plowed for successive storms.

5. Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks in the downtown business district and other outlying areas in Town?

The tenant, occupant or owner of any building on the following streets is responsible for the clearing of the sidewalks in front of their property by 10:00 A.M. on any day except Sundays and holidays following a snowstorm:

6. Does the Town supply residents with the sand/salt mix that is used on roads?

Yes. Between storms you may bring a bucket or pail to the Town Yard on Lewis Street and fill it at no cost. Please do not attempt to come during a snowstorm as it is too dangerous for residents to fill anything while the heavy equipment is in operation.