The patriotic song America was written in 1831 by Samuel Francis Smith while attending the Andover Theological Seminary. Andover is often referred to as the "Home of America".
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Andover Dollars for Scholars

What is Andover Dollars for Scholars?

Founded in 1996, Andover Dollars for Scholars is a community-based, volunteer-operated, scholarship foundation. Any Andover resident who has been accepted as a fulltime student in an institution of higher education is eligible for consideration.

What are the criteria?

All applications are reviewed without names and other identifying information by the Andover Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Committee.

What is the benefit of a Dollars for Scholarship?

Students who receive other local scholarships often find that their financial aid packages have been reduced by a percentage of the scholarship. Collegiate Partner institutions have agreed that Dollars for Scholars scholarships will be used to fill any unmet student need remaining after the institution's financial aid package has been calculated. Additionally, some of these institutions will match the Dollars for Scholars awards. Over 400 colleges, universities and other accredited institutions in the United States are Collegiate Partner schools.

Click Here for a list of Collegiate Partner Schools.

What is the source of money for Dollars for Scholars scholarships?

Each Dollars for Scholars chapter raises scholarship money in a variety of ways. The Andover chapter uses:

All Dollars for Scholars funds are professionally managed by the Treasurer of the Town of Andover.

Who directs Andover Dollars for Scholars?

A group of interested citizens constitutes the decision-making Board of Directors of Andover Dollars for Scholars. Any Andover resident, who shares the vision of encouraging and supporting fellow citizens in achieving their educational aspirations, may join.

Who selects award recipients?

The Andover Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Committee is a separate entity appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Its sole purpose is to select the recipients of scholarship funds raised by Andover Dollars for Scholars, as well as the recipients of scholarships from other participating organizations.

How do I apply?

Applications are accepted through the Andover DFS On-line Application Portal.
Click Here to Access the On-line Application Portal

How do I donate to the Andover DFS Fund?

To make a tax-deductible donation, send check payable to:
Andover Dollars for Scholars
Post Office Box 5052
Andover, MA 01810
For more information, contact:
Marybeth Sullivan at