The patriotic song America was written in 1831 by Samuel Francis Smith while attending the Andover Theological Seminary. Andover is often referred to as the "Home of America".
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Public Safety Services


The role of the Andover Police Department is to maintain public safety through the use of effective and efficient management practices while staying within clearly defined legal and constitutional guidelines. The department works closely with other town departments in order to provide maximum service to the community. The department is structured in two divisions, Operations and Special Services. Each division has a distinct chain of command based on a paramilitary hierarchy that allows for effective communications and deployment of personnel. More...

Uniformed Patrol - The patrol force is assigned to six different geographic areas of town. These assignments enable the department to provide maximum coverage and enforcement through the use of proactive and reactive patrols.

Mountain Bike Patrol - Specially trained officers patrol Main Street, housing developments, recreation trails and other congested areas of town on mountain bikes. These types of patrols give the officers the ability to interact with the community far better than patrolling in a motor vehicle and deployment into area cruisers are unable to patrol.

Motorcycle Patrol - Specially trained officers assigned to the Traffic Unit operate the department's motorcycles. They are used for traffic enforcement as well as parade and escort details.

K-9 Officer - The Department has one specially trained canine and handler. This K-9 team is utilized for searches of missing or wanted persons in either buildings or open terrain. They are also certified in drug and narcotic detection and crowd control.

Tactical Officers - The Department is a member community of Northeast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council and is able to utilize the N.E.M.L.E.C. officers and resources during time of emergency. Officers participating in the various units receive specialized training in crowd and riot control, crisis negotiations, school violence response, use of specialized weapons, drug interdiction and many other areas of tactical operations. NEMLEC also has a cyber-crime investigative division, traffic reconstruction unit and evidence and crime scene handling units.

Emergency Services - Emergency services and planning are provided to the community in a number of ways. Some of these services include: medical emergencies, accident investigation, crime suppression, domestic issues, illegal drug activity, traffic control and juvenile issues.

Safety Program - The Police Department utilizes the knowledge and experience of its members to provide a wide variety of safety programs. These safety programs include educational programs in the schools as well as seminars throughout the community on subjects such as crime prevention, traffic safety, child restraint and seat belt safety, bicycle safety, home safety, drug awareness, alcohol awareness, fraud and scam prevention and other crime suppression programs.

DARE Program - The DARE program was implemented in 1996 through a joint venture between the Andover Police Department and the Andover School Department in an effort to better educate and prepare our youth in dealing with the social pressures associated with drugs and alcohol that they will encounter in today's society. This program is being suspended due to budgetary constraints.

Parking Control - Parking enforcement is provided in the central business district in order to maintain an acceptable turn-over rate in parking spaces. This allows more shoppers the ability to patronize local merchants. The ability to have frequent turnover in the parking spaces in the shopping and central business district assists in maintaining the vibrant down town area.

Animal Control - The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the enforcement of Federal and State Statutes as well as all of the Andover General By-laws that relate to the control of both domesticated and feral animals within the community. The Animal Control Officer is available to assist citizens and Police Officers in the handling, controlling and transporting of sick, injured and vicious domestic and wild animals to the Andover Animal Hospital or the MSPCA. The Animal Control Officer also works closely with the Andover Board of Health on animal bites and rabies control.

Central Dispatch - The purpose of the Central Dispatch Division is to receive, process and expedite all requests for emergency and public safety assistance or 9-1-1 emergency calls, and any other calls for service throughout the town. It is the responsibility of this division to process all request for services relating to police, fire, emergency medical services or direct any other requests received by the public safety department to the appropriate agency.

Court Diversion - This program allows youths in the community to perform community service as a sentencing alternative for delinquent behavior.

Investigations - It is the role of the Criminal Investigative Division to conduct a thorough and professional follow-up investigation. Various solvability factors are closely scrutinized in each individual case to determine what resources will be allocated. Background investigations for certain positions of employment within the Town are handled in this Division. Surveillance for different reasons, whether to confirm or deny the existence of a specific activity, takes place at different times.

Crime Prevention and Public Education - Community awareness of crime prevention and education is an ongoing service provided by both the Special Services Division as well as the Operations Division. The Department provides services ranging from education to daily house checks for vacationing residents.

Training - Training is provided throughout the department at many different levels. Offering in house training and scheduling external training assures that the department is continually aware of all social and legal changes. The Department also offers training throughout the community in such areas as CPR, First Aid, Defibrillator training, babysitter training, teen violence prevention and many other safety related classes.

Records - It is the role of Records section to maintain accurate records and to disseminate meaningful information to various departments as well as to the community. Computer operations, alternative funding options and Firearms licensing are also performed in this section.

Traffic - The Traffic Division is responsible for the enforcement of all traffic rules and regulations throughout the community. This division also performs traffic studies to recommend changes in the traffic rules and regulations and also determines the effective deployment of traffic regulatory devices. This division utilizes several speed monitoring devices and motorcycle patrols to target areas prone to traffic hazards. This division investigates all accidents involving serious injury or death utilizing specially trained officers and equipment. This division is also responsible for licensing and inspecting all taxi and livery vehicles operating in the Town.

Emergency Management - The role of Emergency Management is to help the community with its disaster preparedness plans. These disasters may be natural or man-made, but in either case centralized Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (M.E.M.A.) coordination maximizes available resource use and minimizes waste. The Chief of Police is the Emergency Management Director and serves as the State Liaison. Public education, auxiliary training and radio communications are the three main focus areas of this division. This division is also responsible for the town's participation in the Regional Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). This committee is responsible for coordinating the town's response to any hazardous materials spill or incident. The Chief of Police is the Emergency Response Coordinator for the Town Of Andover. The Chief of Police is also designated as the Andover Team Leader for the Statewide Anti-Terrorism Unified Response Network (SATURN).

Prosecution - The Prosecution section handles all inter-action between the Police Department and the judicial court system. The section is responsible for scheduling officers to appear in court, supplying and maintaining evidence, and assuring that all court cases are followed through the court system in an expedient manner.


The Andover Fire Department provides emergency and non-emergency services necessary to protect life and property in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. Its goals are to prevent the loss of life and injury from fire, fire-related hazards, accidents and natural disasters; prevent loss to property from fire or fire-related services; increase fire safety awareness among area citizens. More...

The Fire Department provides these services through the following Divisions:

Administration - The Administration Division is responsible for managing the Department's daily business operations including the operating budget; purchasing; personnel and payroll records for seventy four employees; hiring of new employees; developing management policies; evaluating and expanding the use of computers in the Department; and providing secretarial and word processing support.

Fire Fighting - The Fire Fighting Division is concerned almost exclusively with the containment and extinguishing of fires within the Town of Andover as well as providing rescue service. This effort includes answering service calls which may lead to early discovery or prevention of fires and stabilizing hazardous materials incidents. It also includes formulation and rehearsal of plans concerning how to fight fires at various locations.

EMS - The E.M.S. Division provides emergency medical service for anyone needing such care in Andover, as well as transportation to emergency-care facilities. The ambulance also answers fire alarms as medical backup for both civilian victims of fire and emergency personnel. Residents and non-residents are billed for ambulance services through a third-party insurance billing agency.

Fire Prevention - The Fire Prevention Division ensures that conditions favorable to the starting of fires do not exist in the Town of Andover. Inspections conducted and public relations programs are designed to contribute to this goal. Fire investigations seek to discover the causes of fire and prevent their reoccurrence.

Fire Alarm - The Fire Alarm Division is supervised by the Fire Alarm Officer and is responsible for the fire alarm system that is coded and consists of approximately three and one-half million feet of aerial and underground wiring, street alarm boxes, and related signaling equipment. The installation of street alarm boxes and related wiring is accomplished by department personnel. Maintenance to all phases of the system is also accomplished.

Training - The Training Division is supervised by the Training Officer. It is comprised of the four duty Deputy Chiefs who are supplemented by Emergency Services personnel acting as Hazardous Material Coordinators, Emergency Medical Coordinators, ET Instructors, and Special Training Instructors. They are responsible for the yearly training schedule for fire suppression, medical emergency, rescue procedures, and hazardous material response team.

Maintenance - The Maintenance Division is supervised by the Apparatus Maintenance Officer who is responsible for a continuous preventive maintenance program for 14 vehicles to insure effective and economical operation of equipment. Duties include: preventive maintenance checks for all engine companies and truck companies; test all fire apparatus yearly in accordance with N.F.P.A. standards; certify annually all S.C.B.A. tanks with the use of authorized flow bench to meet factory specifications; certification and testing of relief drivers and fire apparatus operators with the Training Division; provide 24 hour emergency on-call service by Vehicle Maintenance for all Fire Department equipment; assist in development of specifications for fire apparatus.

Fire Investigation - The Fire Investigation Unit is supervised by the Fire Investigator who responds to all fires of suspicious in nature. Working with a police detective, all suspicious fires are thoroughly investigated and when necessary followed through the court process resulting in legal process that serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. This Unit also deals closely with the Juvenile Fire Setter Program sponsored by the Commonwealth to address the concerns and treatment of juvenile fire setters.

Public Health Services

The Public Health Division encompasses all phases of health administration, including planning, evaluation, budgeting, enforcement, inspection and pseudo ad judicatory proceedings. The Sanitarians supervise the inspection and public health education programs in matters dealing with the State Sanitary Code and the State Environmental Code. The Public Health Nurse is primarily responsible for all medical clinical administrative matters. The Director of Public Health assumes primary responsibility for coordination among the various boards in permit granting and proper land use, specifically in the area of environmental protection issues (i.e. septic system design, wetlands pollution, water quality protection). The Director designs programs and implements policies as proposed by the Andover Board of Health to meet the health needs of the community. The Board of Health consists of three volunteer members appointed by the Town Manager for staggered three-year terms. More...

Land Use & Zoning Services

Planning - The Planning Division is responsible for a wide range of activities associated with development, transportation and economic growth in the Town. The division administers land use regulations governing residential, industrial and commercial development in Andover, and is responsible for processing plans for nearly all new projects in the Town. The Planning Division is responsible for coordinating all major local and regional transportation improvement projects. The division provides professional technical support to the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen, as well as a number of special committees and working groups such as the Housing Partnership Committee, the Main Street Committee, and the Vision 21 Committee. The professional staff of the Planning Division represents the Town on the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority, the River Road Transportation Management Association, and the Junction Transportation Management Organization. The Planning Division staff assists Town Counsel in matters involving litigation against the Planning Board. The Planning Board consists of six volunteer members appointed by the Town Manager to five-year terms. More...

Conservation - The Conservation Division provides staff support to the Conservation Commission whose principal duties include enforcement and administration of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, Rivers Protection Act and Andover Wetlands Protection Bylaw (regulation of residential, industrial and commercial development activity in or near flood plains, water bodies, and wetland areas); acquisition and maintenance of Town-owned Conservation Land (presently in excess of one hundred forty parcels, comprising over seventeen hundred acres); organization of the volunteer Conservation Overseers; periodic completion of Andover's Open Space and Recreation Plan; and informal liaison with other official and informal organizations concerned with conservation and open space preservation. The Conservation Commission consists of seven volunteer members who are appointed annually by the Town Manager to staggered three-year terms. More...

Building & Zoning - The Building Division is charged with the enforcement and interpretation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR and the Access Regulations, 521 CMR, as adopted, Article VIII of the Andover Code, Andover Zoning Bylaw, and Chapter 40A of Massachusetts General Laws. The Building Division also enforces Article 33 of the Andover Bylaw, Demolition of Historically Significant Buildings and Structures, and Article 36 of the Andover Bylaw, Ballardvale Historic District Bylaw. The Division enforces the compliance of the conditions on the Variances and Special Permits granted by the Appeals Board, and assists in the enforcement of the Planning Board restrictions of the Site Plan Certificates of Approval. The Division issues permits for all construction regulated by the State Building Codes, and performs all related inspections. The Division works in cooperation with the Andover Fire Department for fire protection of all new and existing buildings. Included within the Building Division are the Electrical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector and Sealer of Weights and Measures. The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five regular members and four alternate members appointed by the Selectmen for three-year terms. The Board's responsibility is to hear requests for variances, special permits and appeals from decisions of the Inspector of Buildings. It meets on the first Thursday of each month and holds duly noticed deliberation meetings. Members of the Andover Preservation Commission and Ballardvale Historic District Commission are appointed by the Town Manager for their term. More...

Library Services


The Memorial Hall Library makes available a broad range of library materials, provides up-to-date and accurate information, and offers services and programs desired by the community of Andover. More...

Circulation Desk - The Circulation Desk is the initial point of service for most adults using the library and this nerve center of library operations coordinates all loans of library materials, reserves, overdues, and museum passes. The Circulation Department is also responsible for collection maintenance.

Automation and Technical Services - The Automation and Technical Services Division is responsible for ordering, receiving, cataloging and preparing all library materials for circulation. Catalog records are entered into the 35 member Merrimack Valley Library Consortium data base and are available to home users by searching through the Internet.

Reference - The Reference Division is the core of the information services provided to the community. Whatever the question, the Reference Librarians are prepared to search the library's collection of books, periodicals, the Internet, CD ROM and on-line databases, microfilm, microfiche and pamphlets to find the needed answer. A network-wide special "Community Information Database" file is maintained to give needed information and referral to Merrimack Valley social agencies. The Reference Department maintains extensive legal and business files and supervises use of the local history collection contained in the Andover Room. The Reference Department maintains and provides instruction for the Internet connected workstations open to the public. A PC center is also available for patrons needing to use word processing software. The Reference Department also monitors a "live" reference collaborative service to answer questions online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the supplemental reference center for the newly formed Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System, the department answers questions from non-residents and other libraries in northeastern Massachusetts.

Children's Room - The Children's Room plans and provides services for children of Andover, birth through grade 6. Programs such as story hours, story crafts, music and summer reading programs form a continuing base of activities. All programs are planned to meet children's developmental needs. The Children's Room staff are especially mindful of the need to help children and their families select the materials they need to progress as readers and as learners. Teen services to middle and high school students include a separate space (Young Adult-Teens Room) for study and teen related collections with YA staff assigned to assist students with their use of library resources. The Children's Room and Young Adult department maintain a cooperative relationship with Andover Schools.

Community Services - The Community Services Librarian organizes library programs, exhibits and publications and serves as the library's liaison to the Friends of Memorial Hall library. Special services, including delivery to shut-ins, are provided.

Inter-Library Loan - The Inter-Library Loan Division processes inter-library loan requests from libraries in the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System. This department also coordinates and delivers requests for information and materials between all libraries in the region.

Information Services - The library's traditional mission and goals are more and more reliant on technology-based solutions. Our Information Services Division, working closely with library administration, Town IS, and consortium technology staff, is responsible for ensuring that both public and staff have access to high quality electronic information products and a secure and reliable network infrastructure. The IS Department supports both staff and public (web-based) email and Internet access, Microsoft Office applications, reference databases, and the library's home page. Increasingly, IS staff is designing customized and innovative solutions that meet the evolving information needs of our users and that increase the productivity of our staff.

Human Services


The Division of Elder Services provides services and activities designed specifically to meet the needs of today's elder. A wide variety of cultural, educational and recreational programs are available for those who are independent and very active. Many services are designed to help those who are more frail live as independently as possible in the community. Families, whether they live near or far from their elders, can also find the assistance they need to help plan and provide for their loved ones.

The Senior Center provides a focal point in the community. It is a place where people come together to give and receive the gifts of a prosperous community and to share many talents. Volunteers of all ages, especially young people, are an important part of the Senior Center.

The Division works closely and cooperatively with all agencies in the Merrimack Valley area serving elders, thus ensuring coordination and eliminating duplication of effort. The staff is professional and keeps current in their individual areas of expertise through training and peer support. Customer service is the first priority of the Division and quality management techniques are used in the planning and implementation of services. Another priority of the Center is to work towards a sustainable community. More...


The Veterans Services Division provides two distinct Veterans Programs; a benefits program and a service program for Andover's over 3,000 veterans and their families. The benefits program provides monetary assistance for food, clothing, shelter, utilities, medical care and more for needy eligible veterans and their dependents. The benefits program is paid for by the Town and reimbursed 75% by the State. The service program provides assistance in obtaining Federal benefits such as disability compensation, pensions, education, housing, hospitalization, burial and other benefits available under Federal Law. For 2001 Andover residents received over $2.7 million in Federal benefits. The Veterans Director is also by law the Town's burial agent and graves registration officer. The law requires that all veterans' graves be properly cared for and decorated. It also provides for proper burial of a veteran with financial assistance provided if necessary. There are over three thousand veterans interred within the Town's ten cemeteries. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Flag Day, POW/MIA Day and other civic/patriotic observances are run by this office. Additionally, all privately owned vehicular claims brought against the Town due to road hazards are handled by this office. More...


Andover Youth Services (AYS) was established to address the need for an increase in recreational, educational, social, and support programs for the middle school and high school populations within the community. AYS provides the youth of Andover with programs, services, and activities throughout the year and seeks to strengthen the links among youth and their community. Andover's young people face many challenges. The mission of AYS is to develop and maintain a program that has the ability to be flexible and encourage all youth to use their creativity, spontaneity, and energy in positive ways.

AYS receives ideas and concepts directly from the young people and then empowers the youth to make them happen. By interacting alongside young people, whether it is handing out flyers or creating plans for a new skate park, the programs the Youth Services creates and implements are immediate reflections of what the youth want and need. By staying true to our philosophy, the AYS will continue to provide a diverse range of activities, events, groups, and programs for the youth of Andover.

In order to ensure that all young people can participate in AYS programs, program costs are kept low and the AYS scholarship program is continually expanding. The Youth Services remains committed to the policy that every young person should have the opportunity to attend our programs, events, and trips, regardless of financial situations or otherwise. Over the course of the last five years, the AYS has provided hundreds of young people a chance to experience new programs, adventures, and activities due to these scholarships. AYS strives to create community-based programs that do not solely rely on fees or revenues. By eliminating financial restrictions, programs and activities become immediately more accessible for youth from all social backgrounds. Support from the Town budget and the community has ensured the continued growth of the Youth Services operating budget. Additionally, the AYS has relied on support from community organizations, local businesses, and corporations to fulfill our low or no fee philosophy.

With connections to school guidance departments, the police, church groups, local human services agencies, merchant organizations, and community volunteers, Andover Youth Services infuses in every young person who steps within the doorway a sense of ownership, belonging, acceptance, and purpose. No idea is too "out of the box" to be considered. No venture is condemned unworthy. How is this accomplished? At the Andover Youth Services, programs are undertaken with the knowledge that success is not always guaranteed. The process is the learning tool and the young person's willingness to get involved is the heart of any Youth Services program. The learning environment encourages young people to get involved and take responsibility for the success of "their" Youth Services. AYS staff and volunteers ensure success by offering direction, encouragement, guidance, support, and resources. Young people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds collaborate and participate side by side in AYS programs. "Who is who" is difficult to determine while hiking on the trails, planning a clothing drive, organizing a concert, or just hanging out at the office. Designed to be adventurous, innovative, creative, and meaningful, AYS programs offer young people the chance to be part of a group, interact with caring staff, receive positive feedback, and the opportunity to participate in productive activities and programs that they take pride in. More...

Community & Recreation Services


The Department of Community Services (DCS) provides social, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to Andover residents of all ages. Daytime, evening and weekend classes, special events, workshops and public performances are offered throughout the year. Program booklets, created in-house, are mailed to residents three times a year and include seasonal program information on Youth Services, and Elder Services in addition to the DCS programs. Program fees vary making opportunities accessible to the whole community. Alternative service, in lieu of payment, is available to those who are unable to cover program costs.

DCS activities encompass a wide spectrum of programs including playgrounds, trips, Pomp's Pond Aquatic Program, July 4th morning celebration and Horribles Parade, Bradford Ski Program, after school enrichment classes, evening adult education courses, Snowman Mitten Donation, youth sports, school vacation programs, preschool events and the summer concert series. The Department also manages a Human Service Fund designed to assist with issues of substance abuse, mental health, stress and parenting, trauma and crisis intervention, American with Disability Act support, and Our Town, a youth employment program. Tax voucher assistants log in over 600 hours per year while young volunteer hours total in the thousands.

Community Services continues to transfuse residents' ideas into valued programs. Programs are created in a number of ways including townspeople interest, word of mouth and active investigation of popular and trendy interests. A vigorous departmental effort continually improves service to our community. Enrollment to the DCS programs is attributed to a repeat in family participation, a repertoire of community-based instructors, streamlined registration including fax, VISA/MasterCard, overnight mailbox and increased identification with the DCS booklet publication. Most programs are paid through user fees. A few programs remain subsidized through the town, summer concerts, Pomps Pond, mental health programs, scholarships for summer programs and the Fourth of July entertainment in the Park.

Facilities used for programming are Pomp's Pond, Recreation Park, Andover Town House, Senior Center, The Park, local fitness centers, Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical High School, all Andover Public Schools and other in and out of town sites. Through the mutual mission of educating its residents the Andover School Department and Community Services has an agreement to open the public schools to community use through the DCS. After school programs are held system wide, while the majority of the evening adult education programs are housed at Andover High School. Summer programs are focused at the schools, Pomps Pond and Recreation Park.

New playground equipment at Pomps Pond and swing sets in the park were installed. Technology is now available for residents to access online, DCS forms and flyers on a regular basis: emergency information sheets, seasonal applications, and class evaluations and registration forms and flyers are ready for downloading. A significant savings in paper and printing costs will be realized. More...

Infrastructure & Maintenance Services


The DPW Administration Division oversees the operations of the department and is responsible for all long range planning. The administrative staff coordinates the department's activities, develops and monitors the annual budget, assists in Capital Improvement Program development, prepares personnel and payroll records for fifty-five employees, coordinates the hiring of new employees, manages labor agreement issues, develops and implements departmental policies, oversees the production of the potable water supply, coordinates the administrative support for all divisions, and handles all public inquiries. More...

Engineering - The Engineering Division provides most project planning, "problem" study and resolution, and oversees most construction whether conducted by the Town or by contractor to ensure compliance with project plans. Oversees and inspects all subdivision construction to insure compliance with Town standards within areas that may be presented for acceptance and perpetual maintenance. Engineering also reviews all street openings and maintains liaison with State and County Public Works Departments on joint projects. The division handles citizen requests for information and provides service to other branches of Town Government, such as Community Development and Planning. The coordinating for meeting the new NPDES Phase II Stormwater Regulations will be handled by the Engineering Division.

Solid Waste - The Solid Waste Division, with the assistance of the Plant & Facilities Department, operates and maintains the Town's compost site. The division is also responsible for managing the Town's Solid Waste contracts, which include the curbside collection of rubbish, leaves, recyclables including mixed residential paper, #1 thru #7 plastics, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, glass, and steel/tin containers. The Town's rubbish is brought to the NESWC waste-to-energy facility in North Andover. The division also manages the one-day collections for household hazardous waste (HHW) and the CRT/Electronic recycling events.

Street Lighting - The Street Lighting Division oversees the street lighting in Town as provided per contract with Massachusetts Electric Company, and includes any necessary wiring for new lighting or repairs to existing street lighting.

Highway - The Highway Division is responsible for maintenance and construction of all the roadways (including curbs), sidewalks, guardrails, storm drains, culverts and catch basin structures. Highway is also responsible for snow and ice control during the wintertime with the assistance of the other DPW divisions and the Plant & Facilities Department. The Highway Division is also responsible for all street sign installations and repairs, and for all required street/parking lot markings.


The Plant and Facilities Department provides preventive and maintenance support to all Town and School buildings, building equipment, parks and grounds, cemetery and forestry operations. The Department maintains traffic signals, Town owned street lighting, the Town fuel depot, playground equipment, and all Town owned vehicles and motorized equipment. The department initiates and implements capital improvements and capital purchases for all areas of responsibility. The department is also responsible for all major building projects. The department responds to all Town wide emergencies in its areas of responsibility 24 hours a day seven days a week and is required to comply with Federal, State and local laws, and regulations concerning health and safety including; pesticide application, underground fuel tanks, radon, air quality, asbestos and hazardous waste disposal. More...

Building Maintenance - The Building Maintenance Division and the Mechanical/Electrical Division provide preventive maintenance and repair services to all School and Town buildings. In addition, custodial services are provided to the Library, Public Safety, the Town House and Town Office buildings.

Mechanical/Electrical - The Mechanical/Electrical Division also maintains traffic signals and Town owned streetlights. There is currently over 1.3 million square feet of building space maintained by these divisions which includes Andover High School, West Middle, Doherty Middle, Wood Hill Middle, Shawsheen early childhood center and the five elementary Schools (Bancroft, South, Sanborn, West & High Plain) and the School Administration offices. Town owned facilities including the Town Office building, Old Town Hall, Memorial Hall Library, Public Safety Center, Ballardvale and West Fire Department Sub-Stations, the Town Yard complex, Cemetery buildings, and the Red Spring Road building maintenance facility which represents a total of over 20 buildings. In 2002 the new Wood Hill Middle & High Plain Elementary School complex (176,000 S.F.) came on line along with Phase I of the New Safety Center (28,000 S.F.). Phase II of Public Safety Center will come on line in mid 2004 representing a net add of 28,570 SF.

Municipal Facilities - The Municipal Facilities Division is responsible for scheduling and renting school gyms and auditoriums, the Town House, Recreation Park field and School fields to non-profit groups, private organizations, individuals and, Town and School activities. This excludes Andover High School which is scheduled through School Administration.

Central Office Administration - The Central Office Administration Group is responsible for major construction projects and capital improvement projects, the work control center function which includes the computerized work order system, and the access control system for the central fuel depot, utility budgets, purchasing and inventory management for all Plant & Facilities materials, accounts payable, and financial tracking, Town wide energy management systems, environmental compliance and administrative support to all functions.

Cemetery - The Cemetery Division is responsible for grounds maintenance, land clearing, lot sales and burials at the Town owned Spring Grove Cemetery, maintenance support at Recreation Park and support to other divisions. More...

Forestry - The Forestry Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of all public shade trees and roadside vegetation maintenance. There are approximately 250 miles of roads in Andover. Annual roadside mowing is done on approximately 75 miles of roadways.

Parks & Grounds - The Parks & Grounds Division is responsible for all School and Town grounds maintenance and snow removal (Town Facilities), sports fields, parks, irrigation systems and a variety of other duties including trash pickup, at the parks and school sites. This division maintains over 120 acres of sports fields.

Vehicle Maintenance - The Vehicle Maintenance Division provides maintenance to all Town vehicles and heavy equipment. This includes the Police and Fire Departments, Highway, Sewer and Water Departments, Plant and Facilities and all other Town operated vehicles. The division contracts for outside repair services when necessary. This division purchases gasoline and diesel fuel for all town vehicles at wholesale cost and oversees the disbursement at the town owned fuel depot.

Water & Sewer Services

The DPW Water Division ensures the integrity of the water supplies and the surrounding water shed areas. It is also responsible for the treatment, quality control and distribution of the water in accordance with all federal and state regulations for delivery of the drinking water to the consumers. The division is accountable for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant, and distribution system, in addition to the customer services involving water meter installation, repair, meter reading, and resolving customer complaints.

The DPW Sewer Division maintains the Town's sewer infrastructure including the collection system, eleven current neighborhood sewer-pumping stations, Shawsheen Village Pumping Station, the force main and gravity line through Lawrence to the treatment plant in North Andover and the agreement with the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District (GLSD) for the treatment and disposal of our liquid wastes.

Administrative & Internal Services


The Accounting Department is responsible to provide accounting and financial reporting services to all Town Departments, Boards, Commissions and other Regulatory Agencies in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Municipal Bylaws, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Responsibilities include processing and maintaining all payroll records; review, process and maintenance of all accounts payable records; preparation and distribution of water and sewer billings; preparation and distribution of accurate and timely financial reports from data in the Town's accounting system; coordinate the completion of the annual independent financial audit; and provision of financial research and analysis assistance, as requested. More...


Vital record filing and reporting to the State are important functions of the Town Clerk's Office. A considerable amount of time is spent on properly recording and providing access to these records to the public. The office also manages records and provides access to Business Certificates filings, Town Meeting and Election minutes. Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals determinations are also filed with the Town Clerk's Office. A record storage and retention system is in place and organized by this department in accordance with the State's Public Record Division's regulations.

Most of the Town's licensing is initially filed with the Town Clerk's Office and is approved by the Board of Selectmen. These licenses include: Alcoholic Beverage, Common Victualler, Public Vehicle for Hire, Storage of Inflammables, Raffles & Bazaars, Lodging Houses, Dog licenses, Entertainment licenses, Motor Vehicles Class I and II among others.

The Town Clerk's Office, along with the Board of Registrars, is responsible for the maintenance of the State's computerized Voter Registration System for the Town. Other related responsibilities are: Town Meeting, Town and State Elections, the registration of voters, maintenance of the Street List and voter list through the yearly mailing of the Town Census, the certification of nomination papers, warrant articles for Town Meeting and all Initiative Petitions.

The Town Clerk is also responsible for the management of Political Campaign Finance Reporting for candidates of Town Offices and Political Committees organized for or against Ballot Questions. More...


The Human Resource Department is a shared resource between the Town and School departments. Our mission is to serve employees and citizens of the town in a manner that reflects the Town's core values and diverse culture. Specifically we seek to promote fairness, honesty and equal opportunity for all. We are steadfast in our commitment to develop a safe and healthy work place that facilitates and promotes a positive work ethic, open communication and professional and personal growth for all employees. Our core services include staff recruitment; compensation and benefits management, staff training and development; employee relations; and human resource information management. More...


The Finance and Budget Department has five divisions: Administration & Finance, Assessor, Collector/Treasurer, Information Systems, and Central Purchasing/Central Services. The Administration & Finance Division oversees the operations of the Department and is also responsible for the Town's financial planning and budget preparation. More...


The Assessors Division is responsible each year for the valuation of real estate and personal property in the Town, processing of Statutory Tax Exemptions, Tax Abatement Filings, Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes and Sewer Betterments. The three member Board of Assessors is appointed by the Town Manager and reviews all requests for abatements and exemptions. More...


The Collector/Treasurer Division is responsible for the collection of all monies due the Town for the following: Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes, Departmental Receipts, Water and Sewer Bills, Parking Tickets and any related receipts. In addition, the division is responsible for:

Issuing Certificates of Lien, Betterment Discharges; Payroll of Town & School, and the reconciliation of Bank Accounts; Bill warrants paying all vendors, and the reconciliation of checks; Tax Titles, Tax Liens and Foreclosures; Hearing Officer for related parking ticket problems; Life Insurance reporting and benefit administration; U.S. Savings Bonds administration and payroll savings; Record keeping of ICMA, Teachers Annuities and the payment thereof; Borrowing of any monies needed to run the Town efficiently, temporarily and long term. More...


The Central Purchasing/Central Services Division is responsible for purchasing; oversight of the Town and School bidding process to ensure compliance with Massachusetts General Laws; contract compliance regarding Andover's Affirmative Action Plan; coordination of insurance and risk management for property and casualty claims for all Town and School departments with the exception of health and personal insurance, which are handled by the Human Resource Department, and oversight of our present insurance company's Rewards Program which helps control and reduce losses along with providing future savings on insurance premiums. This division also operates the mailroom. More...


The Department of Information Technology provides centralized information and technology support and services to all Town departments and the Andover Public Schools. The central IT Department is led by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who reports to the Town Manager and the Superintendent of Schools. The central IT Department consists of three divisions - Applications Support, Network Administration, and User Support Services. More...