Flexible Spending Open Enrollment

It is open enrollment time for the 2023 FSA with Cafeteria Plan Advisors.  We are pleased to announce that the Town of Andover is switching to a new flexible spending plan provider starting January 1, 2023. If you are currently enrolled in our FSA plan, and have unused funds, you will still be allowed to use and roll these funds over, up to the maximum allowable rollover per IRS guidelines. 


Open enrollment runs from October 17, 2022 through November 18, 2022.  All current and new subscribers MUST enroll via the attached form labeled, “Enrollment Form”.  The form must be returned back to the Benefits Office, located at Town Hall, 36 Bartlet Street, by November 18, 2022.  NO LATE ENROLLMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


A few things to note as you consider FSA participation:


  • The annual election amount maximum is currently $3050 for the medical FSA.  Dependent care max remains at $5000.
  • The IRS allows for a maximum carryover of $570.
  • Enrollment is on an annual basis.  Your previous year’s participation has no bearing on the new plan year.  You must re-enroll for each calendar year.
  • All employees who enroll in the debit card option will receive the debit card free of charge.
  • If you anticipate retiring in 2023, please understand that you will only have access to your funds for dates of service up to your retirement date.  Please plan your election amount accordingly and notify HR of your retirement so that we can take the funds just for the time you are employed.

FSA Enrollment Form

FSA Plan Information

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Information

FSA Claim Form

Dependent Care Claim Form