Lodging House License

Lodging House Licenses are governed by Massachusetts General Laws C. 140 sec. 22.  

Four or more unrelated persons living together constitute a Lodging House and require a Lodging House License.

Lodging House License Application Requirements:

  • Town of Andover General License Application
  • Lodging House License Addendum
  • Business Certificate
  • Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgement Form
  • Tax Form
  • Worker’s Compensation Affidavit
  • Copy of worker’s compensation policy declaration page

Upon prior approval from the Police Department, Fire Department, Health Department, Building Department, and Town Treasurer, a Class I License application is subject to a hearing before the Select Board and your attendance at that hearing is mandatory. Once approved, this license is subject to an annual renewal by December 31st of each calendar year.

The fee for this license is $50.00.

To apply for a Lodging House License please click the link below.
Lodging House License Application


Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 140, Section 22