Historic Old Town Hall

The Town of Andover is pleased to present the final report for the Old Town Hall Adaptive Re-Use Feasibility study completed this fall. The Town will be developing next steps in moving forward with recommendations noted in the report. If you would like to add any additional comments or would like to be involved please contact Ann Ormond, Director of Business, Arts and Cultural Development via email at ann.ormond@andoverma.us.

Old Town Hall Adaptive Re-Use Feasibility Study Final Report

Thank you for Helping us shape the future of Old Town Hall. you may View the survey results below:

Andover’s Old Town Hall is an amazing community asset that sits in the hub and immediate center of a vibrant and bustling downtown.  This area is the centerpiece of downtown Andover and enjoys a robust retail, restaurant and service business compliment. Downtowns are considered by many the lifeblood of any town and Andover has an amazing downtown. Many residents and business owners have long remarked that it’s a beautiful building, right in the center of town which is underutilized. In the Town’s 2016 “Imagine Andover” report, which looked at a variety of initiatives to revitalize and strengthen the downtown, there were two recommendations that stated – “Create gathering spaces downtown to facilitate community engagement and draw residents downtown” and “Create active spaces by dedicating space and offering attractions, activities, and amenities for families and visitors of all ages.”

Seeking to build off the recommendations of the Imagine Andover report and the Town’s investment in the adjacent municipal parking lots, the Land Use Division has hired a consultant to assist in investigating the re-use and a more community minded re-development of this valuable, community centered asset.

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The Town is actively engaged in the burgeoning arts and cultural scene through the Andover Cultural Council, Andover Arts and Culture Alliance and the Andover Artists Guild. Throughout the past years the topic of increased community engagement, activated space and accessibility have been a high priority discussion around the Old Town Hall. 

Initial comments and recommendations from members of the above-mentioned arts and culture community groups include:

  • The location of the building is very attractive for live performance.
  • It’s walkable from restaurants (and well suited to pre-show dinner/theater ticket combo packages) 
  • It’s possible to put a sandwich board sign out front to attract attention. 
  • Public parking is available and easy to access. 
  • First floor space - great arts and culture community center, including an art gallery open to all and a possible co-working space
  • Second floor space for performance space, weddings, special events, concerts, plays, etc. 
  • Host a winter market when weather conditions are not amenable to outdoor use.
  • Business Incubator with academic tenant
Old Town Hall

We invite the community to join us in conversation on the re-imaging and re-purposing of Old Town Hall. For more information contact:

Ann Ormond

Director of Business, Arts & Cultural Development

Phone: (978) 623-8262

Email Ann Ormond