Building Energy Codes

The Town of Andover is one of 300 communities in the Commonwealth to voluntarily adopt the Stretch Code, which focuses on improving a building's energy performance above and beyond base energy code requirements. The Stretch Code was last updated in 2023 by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). In 2023, DOER also developed a new municipal Opt-in Specialized Code (Specialized Code), to ensure that new residential and commercial constructions will be consistent with Massachusetts' greenhouse gas emissions limits in future years. Specifically, the Specialized Code asks building owners to go beyond energy efficient building envelope designs to take advantage of all-electric heating/cooling, cooking and domestic hot water technology, and to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Currently, 31 communities in Massachusetts have adopted the Specialized Code. For Andover, adoption would require Town Meeting approval. The Town is partnering with the Andover Green Advisory Board and Andover WECAN to host information sessions and encourage public conversations. Sign up below!

1.24.24 Specialized Energy Code

On January 24, 2024, 4 PM Eastern, the Town held the "Specialized Energy Code: Decarbonizing Commercial Buildings" Virtual Information Session, featuring speakers from DOER, SMMA and PSD Consulting and joined by over 30 attendees.

A residential specialized energy code information panel will be held March 4th at 6 PM in person at the Memorial Hall Library. Stay tuned for more information on speakers and topics!


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