Community Services Department

The Department of Community Services is comprised of the Divisions of Elder Services, Recreation, Youth Services, Veterans Services and new this year, Andover DIVERSE; a Division focused on advancing community-driven initiatives and engagement with the goal of building a more inclusive Andover. 

he Department of Community Services is deliberately public-facing; focusing its work and mission on improving the quality of life for all who call Andover home. 

Additionally, the Department of Community Services in conjunction with other Town Departments serves as trustee and programmer for many of Andover’s most treasured resources such as Pomp’s Pond/Rec Park, the Andover Youth and Senior Centers, Veterans memorials and our many green spaces and playgrounds. The Department places a high priority on collaboration in and among its Divisions to maximize service delivery to the community.

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Our Divisions:

Andover DIVERSE (Diversity, Inclusion, Values, Respect, Support and Education), a new Division in the Department of Community Services, is focused on advancing community-driver initiatives aimed at building a more inclusive Andover.

Andover Recreation provides residents  a myriad of social, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities while embracing diversity and accessibility for all. The Division strives to rate the pulse of the community and incorporate ideas into valued programs for its citizens now and in the future. Visit the Andover Recreation website.
Elder Services 
With the express goal of supporting those aging in our community, the Division of Elder Services offers services designed to ensure for the day to day health, safety and wellness of elders and their families. 

The Veterans' Services Office is responsible for administering or coordinating all financial, logistical, medical and administrative support for over 3,000 veterans and their families in Andover.

Youth Services

Andover Youth services aims to provide young people useful experiences to promote healthy growth and development.  It is our goal to build a network of affordable, accessible, safe, and challenging programs that appeal and respond to the diverse interests of young adolescents and their families. Visit the Andover Youth Services website.

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March 30, 2021


This week Andover WECAN: Working to Educate for Climate Action Now begins its first program in our three part "Beyond the Bin"  virtual series on recycling, food waste/composting, and trash in our community.  This series is presented in partnership with Memorial Hall Library.


Thursday, April 1 @ 7:00 p.m.: Is Recycling Still Alive? Neil Rhein, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful with Sandra Gerraughty and Rachel Ciaramitaro, Andover DPW

Are you confused about what goes in your trash bin and what goes in your recycling bin? You’re not alone! This evening's speakers will talk about what really happens to our trash and recyclables here in Andover and how trash and recycling are managed in Massachusetts. Learn how to make informed decisions about your own personal habits. Learn ways to reduce the amount of trash you generate, improve your recycling habits, and make small changes to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

For more information and link to register for all three events, please visit:

Upcoming programs in the series:

Thursday, April 15 @ 7:00 p.m. - Andover WECAN Beyond the Bin: Don't Throw Your Spaghetti in the Fireplace - presentation by Julia Greene, MA DEP with Sandra Gerraughty and Rachel Ciaramitaro, Andover DPW

Thursday, April 29 @ 7:00 p.m. - Andover WECAN Beyond the Bin: Trash - Can We Do Better?  - presentation by Waneta Trabert, VP MassRecyle