A seal featuring the State of Massachusetts, and the words, "Accredited MPAC Police Department.&#
The Andover Police Department is Accredited by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission. The accreditation process was reviewed and re-accreditation was obtained in 2018 and the department will seek re-accreditation in 2021.  Lt. Frank Fitzpatrick is the Accreditation Manager for the Andover Police Department.

What is Accreditation?

Police Accreditation is a process by which a police department formally evaluates its activities and seeks an independent judgment that it substantially achieves its own objectives and is generally equal or exceeds in quality to comparable agencies and is maintaining best practices in law enforcement.

Benefits of Accreditation

The Andover Police Department is extremely honored to hold this status and finds it holds a number of benefits for the department:
  • Accreditation ensures the operational readiness of the Andover Police Department
  • Accreditation improves the quality of individuals who apply for employment with our Department.
  • Accreditation ensures that the Department's policies and procedures and rules and regulations are in line with modern professional standards.
  • Accreditation promotes a strong emphasis on officer safety.
  • Accreditation provides each member of the Department with a sense of pride, knowing that their agency has met such high, professional standards.
  • Accreditation provides an ongoing, independent evaluation of the Andover Police Department.