Andover's 350th Birthday

Andover 350th Celebration Synopsis

Andover's 350th Anniversary - a year long celebration - had so much power, energy, focus and enthusiasm it eventually assumed an identity all its own. Just as all children are unique and different, this child of Andover received encouragement, nourishment and commitment so powerful it grew to dimensions far exceeding any initial hopes or expectations.
Imagine... 3 years in the planning and legions of volunteers and 88 sponsored events. Major events
  • Beginning with the Inaugural on January 21st
  • Spending an afternoon captivated by the Pulitzer winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Staging a field day, "Main Street Madness: for thousands of students
  • Assembling 700 performers in an all-community musical extravaganza
  • "Let Music Swell the Breeze"
  • Designing a series of forums on the topic "Andover at 400 inches
  • A sell-out Anniversary Banquet with former President George Bush
  • A packed house for a rousing evening with the Boston Pops
  • Finally to the largest parade in Andover's history
Logo for Andover's 350th Birthday
We celebrated our past, present and future in truly memorable style. It brought us a sense of purpose, togetherness, and united focus. It was a grand celebration. We should all be proud. We left our stamp on the history of Andover.
Norma Gammon
Andover's 350th Celebration

The Town of Andover 350th Quilt

Town of Andover 350th Quilt