Highway Division

Road Maintenance

The Highway Division is responsible for maintaining over 180 miles of roadway in the Town of Andover. In addition to the roadways, the Highway Division also maintains curbs, sidewalks and guardrails. Foremen and senior operators provide supervision over contractors providing work on the Town’s roadways. 

During the summer and fall months, paving resurfacing or reconstruction is conducted on scheduled roadways. The Engineering, Highway and Water Divisions determine which roadways will be scheduled and what work types they will need.

During the winter, the Division uses cold patch for temporary pavement repairs. As warmer weather permits, permanent repairs are made with hot bituminous pavement on those roadways not scheduled for resurfacing or reconstruction. 

As part of regular road maintenance, street sweeping is conducted by the Highway Division during the spring, summer and fall months, weather permitting. Read our Street Sweeping SOP for details. 

The Town of Andover is part of Mass DOT's District 4. State maintained roads in Andover include routes 125, 28 (not including Main Street) and the interstates. View the Mass DOT Road Inventory Map to see all the state-maintained roads in the state of Massachusetts. 

Storm Water Drainage Maintenance

The Highway Division is responsible for the installation and repairing of storm water drains, culverts and catch basin structures. The Division routinely cleans and inspects these drain structures and responds to reported blocked catch basins and culverts. 
Please visit our Storm Water Management page to learn more about storm water and its effect on drinking water supplies and also fish & wildlife habitats. 

Snow and Ice 

The Highway Division is responsible for snow and ice control during the wintertime with the assistance of the other DPW divisions and the Plant and Facilities Department. Please see the Snow and Ice Maintenance page for more information. 

Street Signs and Roadway Markings

The Highway Division responsible for all street sign installations and repairs. Under the direction of the Public Safety Officer, the Highway Division installs and maintains all traffic signage on roads maintained by the Town. The Division applies and maintains all required street/parking lot markings and crosswalks. 

Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is organized under the Highway Division and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment in the town’s DPW, Police, Fire, Facilities, and School Departments. For more details please view the Vehicle Maintenace page.