Operations Division

The Executive Officer, Lieutenant Edward Guy, oversees the Operations Division and can be contacted at 978-623-3513.

Patrol Operations

The Patrol section is comprised of uniformed officers who provide 24/7 policing services to the community.  The Patrol Section conducts initial investigations of criminal and non-criminal activity, traffic enforcement, as well as other community services.


The Detectives are trained to investigate crime, process crime scenes, and work effectively with neighboring police departments. The Detective Sergeant can be contacted at 978-623-3551. The Detective Sergeant also oversees firearms permitting.

ATV Unit

Members of the Department are trained to respond to various incidents using the All Terrain Vehicles, they are also used at many Town Events.
Police officers riding ATVs.

Bicycle Patrol

The bicycle patrol is assigned to the Center Business District of town.
Andover Bike Police

K-9 Unit

An officer training a police dog.


The Communications Center is located in the Public Safety Center. There are 10 dispatchers assigned to answer all emergency calls along with two part time members.

A woman sitting at a computer with several monitors.

Animal Control/Animal Inspector

Animal Control Officer
Phone: 978-623-3527
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Animal Control Patch