Ballardvale Fire Station Project

ballardvale info sessions

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The Town of Andover will begin a comprehensive series of public informational meetings next week for a proposed fire station project at the current Ballardvale site. The series of informational meetings will kick-off on Wednesday, October 17th at 7pm with a meeting at Ballardvale Fire Station.

The meetings, led by Town Manager Andrew Flanagan and Fire Chief Michael Mansfield, will serve as public forums for residents to provide input and ask questions as town officials begin the design for a new station at the current Ballardvale Fire Station site.

“These meetings will give residents an opportunity to learn the thought process behind the organization’s proposal to build at the current site and the many benefits it provides to enhanced fire rescue services, while at the same time being respectful to taxpayers. Through our five year Capital Improvement Program that provides funding for building projects, equipment, and other expenses that have a long term use, Ballardvale Fire Station is funded within the limits of Proposition 2 ½, so no override or special vote is needed.”

Added Mansfield, “We have an opportunity to both enhance fire rescue services and provide equity throughout the community with this proposal. I look forward to resident feedback as we balance the needs of the department with the requests of the neighborhood and community at large.”

The informational meetings will cover a range of topics that include:

• Building design

• Scope and size of project

• Fire Service enhancement

• Traffic and intersection improvements