IT Roadmap

Recent Projects

  • Consolidated four separate physical networks into a single unified town-wide network
  • Consolidated four isolated data centers into two fully redundant data centers
  • Replaced 78 physical servers with a single virtualized server farms with shared storage area network
  • Replaced four separate physical firewalls and perimeter security approaches with a single, virtualized security appliance
  • Deployed new state of the art backup and restore appliances and software
  • Installed wireless capabilities into 10 schools and all municipal buildings
  • Upgraded Internet connectivity from 50mbps to 2gbps.  Upgraded interbuilding connectivity from 1gbps to 20gbps
  • Upgraded internal networking topology to support new generation PoE (power over Ethernet devices) such as phones, access points, intercoms, etc.
  • Installed Epson short throw interactive projectors in all high school and middle school buildings replacing expensive “smart board” type technologies
  • Moved town and schools from an unpredictable personal computer refresh cycle to a standard four year replacement based on leasing.  Deployed over 2500 new computers
  • Deployed 1500+ tablets for student use
  • Replaced expensive, traditional phone technology with new digital VoIP (Voice over IP) technology in the administrative spaces of all schools
  • Replaced all analog faxes with digital faxing technology
  • Managed all technology planning and installation at new Bancroft School and Cormier Youth Center
  • Converted all real estate tax building from aging, legacy system to centralized MUNIS control
  • Deployed Viewpermit, citizen self-service on-line permitting system
  • Supported PARCC on-line testing in schools

In Process

  • Continuing progress on our 1:1 iAndover student device initiative – now covering grades 4-10.  Deployed over 1500 student Chromebooks
  • Replaced all municipal analog phones with new VoIP phones
  • Extending new Unified Communications capabilities to all mobile devices
  • Upgrading all elementary school projectors
  • Replacing failed power infrastructure with new networked power maintenance and monitoring software
  • Supporting conversion from analog camera surveillance technology to fully digital technology
  • Development of new web platform for Municipal and School web sites
  • Significant upgrades to GIS capabilities 
  • Converting water billing system to quarterly billing

Future Projects

  • Completing deployment of our 1:1 initiative to all K-12 students.  Anticipate deploying an additional 2000 devices
  • Installing VoIP handsets in all classrooms
  • Replacing existing analog intercom systems with new digital unified communications speakers
  • Deploying new unified communications software to improve communications during emergency situations
  • Video conferencing to support remote board participation, improved collaboration and distance learning
  • Transition to digitized record keeping
  • Development of integrated analytic data warehouse and municipal dashboards
  • Printer consolidation to reduce overall printing costs
  • Improve network redundancy