Standard of Independence

(Click Here for a PDF Copy of the Standards of Independence)

Our programs are primarily designed for and  targeted to people age sixty and older. We do offer a boomer venture program engaging those under 60.

Please note the following standards of independence and behavior with respect to attendance and participation in all programs and activities sponsored by The Senior Center at Punchard. This includes all on site and off site programs and activities.

*Older Americans Act (OAA) nutrition services may be provided to a spouse who is less than sixty years of age, based on OAA regulations.

**The term The Center is used throughout to refer to programs and activities both on and off-site.

Participants at The Senior Center at Punchard must:

  1. Provide the staff with the name and telephone number of a person to contact in case of an emergency. If a participant experiences a medical problem while on the premises, it is expected (but not mandatory) that the participant will follow the recommendation of The Center’s staff to seek appropriate medical attention.
  2. Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal substances on the premises.  Participants who are inebriated will be asked to leave immediately.
  3. Take responsibility for their own personal care, including hygiene, toileting, continence, and feeding.
  4. Be reasonably oriented, capable of independent decision making and capable of planning their own activities, e.g. transportation, lunch, financial transactions.
  5. Avoid causing disturbances or disruptions and to show respect for people, building facilities, and the personal property of  others.
  6. Be responsible for their own personal health and medical care, including the taking of medications, monitoring special diets, etc.  The Center staff is not responsible for providing assistance with medication and other personal health and medical care.
  7. Violence or threats of violence are not permitted and will result in the participant being asked to leave; possible permanent suspension of privileges at The Center may result.

If any inappropriate behavior is witnessed or reported, the staff will use discretion to take corrective action such as asking the participant to abstain from the inappropriate behavior, contact the police, contact doctors, call for an ambulance, or contact your emergency contact person.  Repeated violations my result in the participant being asked to leave; possible permanent suspension of privileges at The Center may result.

If a patron experiences a mental health episode, but is otherwise capable of conforming their conduct to these standards, then reasonable accommodation requests will be considered. Otherwise, permanent suspension may result.

If a participant cannot meet the required standards, staff is available to share resources and discuss options.

The staff is committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere for all community seniors.