Virginia Cole Award

The Virginia Cole Community Service Award is presented to an individual in gratitude for outstanding, long-term contributions to the Town of Andover.


Outstanding, long-term contributions to the Town in an elected, appointed or volunteer role or a combination of these.


Nominations: To be received annually in March/April prior to the Annual Town Meeting. The Board of Selectmen and School Committee will announce at a meeting in March/April that nominations will be welcomed from any Andover resident. Nominations will also be solicited from Town committees, boards and volunteer groups.

Selection Committee: The Selection Committee will be comprised of the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen (or his/her designee), Chairman of the School Committee (or his/her designee) and the Town Moderator.


The award will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting. It may not be given annually but should be awarded as truly exceptional individuals are identified. A bowl will be presented to the recipient and a plaque will be hung in the Town Offices with the inscription of the recipient’s name.

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Previous Virginia Cole Award Recipients
2018 - Donald Cooper
2017 - Rosalyn Wood
2016 - John Hess
2015 - Karen Herman
2014 - Albert Retelle
2013 - Tina Girdwood
2012 - Joanne Marden
2011 - Robert French
2010 - Alfred Koch & Edward Morrissey
2009 - Gerald Silverman
2008 - Donald Robb
2007 - Dr. Douglas & Ruth Dunbar
2006 -  Dorothy Bresnahan
2005 - James Doherty, Peggy Keck, Nat Smith
2004 - Norma Gammon
2003 - Fred & Susan Stott
2002 - Robert & Margaret Pustell
2001 - Virginia Cole