Study Issues

January 2020 – October 2020

During this phase, the Town Governance Study Committee shall investigate in detail the issues identified and selected during the “Identify Issues” phase. In addition, further activities may be considered to reach out to specific demographics to capture additional issues for investigation if the Committee feels that this is necessary, or if such activities are requested. Any issues identified during such outreach shall then be considered for inclusion as an issue for investigation. Finally, if additional issues come to light while the Committee is investigating the issues selected during this first phase, the Committee shall consider whether to add these new issues to the study.

The methodology to be followed during this phase has not yet been determined. This page shall be updated once the methodology is decided.

It is envisaged that the Town Governance Study Committee shall deliver at least two briefings to the Select Board during this phase, one in June 2020, and one in October 2020. Again, the intention is to build consensus and alignment between the Committee and the Select Board as work progresses.