Participatory Capital Budgeting

The Participatory Capital Budgeting program was launched by the Town of Andover during Fiscal Year 2022 and is currently in its third year. The process allows residents to play a part in determining how a portion of the Town’s capital improvement funds are spent by submitting proposals for community projects or programs. Projects funded through the program must be one-time expenses and be for a municipal purpose or on town land.


Following submission deadlines, proposals submitted by members of the community are reviewed by a Committee comprised of Town staff representing Purchasing, CD&P, Community Services, DPW, Facilities, Library, Police, Fire, Sustainability and Veterans Services. Projects are evaluated to assess their safety, feasibility, cost, and benefit to the Town.

Information about projects approved to be funded through the Participatory Capital Budgeting program are detailed on this page. Solicitation for project proposals generally takes place during the winter. Information on how to apply for funding will be available on this page when the application period is open.


The Town of Andover is now accepting applications for the FY2024 Participatory Capital Budgeting program.

To be eligible for funding, projects must be a one-time expense, and to be on Town property or serve a municipal purpose.

Click here to submit an application.

The deadline to submit applications is March 1, 2024. 

Following the application deadline, submissions will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Town staff from various departments. Projects will be evaluated to assess their safety, feasibility, cost, and benefit to the Town.

Projects selected to be funded through the program for FY2024 will be announced this spring.


The table below lists projects/programs that were awarded funding in FY2023 through the Participatory Capital Budgeting process. As these projects advance, more information on each project will be provided including photos, and information on how to access, enjoy, or view these projects. Projects listed as "In Progress" indicates that departments are actively working to work with the submitter to purchase or install materials. Projects listed as "Department Further Study" indicates that the program has received conditional approval, but further study is required by departments in order to determine feasibility.

Project Title Submitter Budget Estimate Project Status Supporting Departments
Public Drinking Fountains in the Park Margot Dillon $10,000 In Progress Public Works
Park Gazebo Lighting Sharon Marlow $500 In Progress Facilities
Bicycle Repair Station at Lower Shawsheen Track Andrew Lewine $2,000 In Progress Facilities
Stream and River Signs Michael Dempsey $2,000 In Progress Conservation
Park Canon Signage Robert C. Rogers $2,000 In Progress Veterans
Main Street Crosswalk Lighting Gisella Spreizer $10,392 In Progress Police & Facilities
Pollinator Garden Sue Curtis $10,000 In Progress Sustainability
Speed Signage/Traffic Calming on Central Street Judy Wilson Ferstenberg &
Sara Hidalgo
$10,392 In Progress Police & Facilities
Accessible Outdoor Game Tables Barbara Burke $5,000 In Progress Facilities
York & Haverhill Street Flashing Beacons Caroline Cranshaw $10,000 In Progress Police & Facilities

FY2022 Program Year Awards

Below are the Participatory Capital Budgeting project/programs that were awarded in FY2022. Most projected supported in FY2022 have been completed. The links in the "project status column" show the results of the project, including photos and information on how to access, enjoy, or view these projects.

Project Title  Submitter  Budget Estimate Project Status  Supporting Departments
Memorial Hall Library of Things Additions  Friends of Memorial Hall Library  $2,000 Complete Memorial Hall Library
Induction Cooktops at Library of Things Kate Margolese $1,000 Complete Memorial Hall Library
Robb Center Landscaping  Dana MacKay $2,050 Complete Public Works 
Public WiFi for the Park  Karen Van Welden Herman $5,000 Complete Facilities &
Information Technology
Summer Street Benches  Jane Morrissey $3,200 Complete Public Works 
Speed Signage/Traffic Calming on Elm Street William Stewart $10,000 Complete Police 
Senior Center Garden Path Benches Helen Knepper $3,200 Complete Facilities 
Plantings Along Shawsheen River  Willow Cheeley $3,500 In Progress Sustainability & Conservation 
Community Message Board at Ballardvale Playground  Rachel Keller  $2,500 Complete Facilities 
Planting at Burnham Road and High Street Willow Cheeley $7,500 In Progress Sustainability & Conservation