When will my street be paved?

Regarding full road resurfacing, please check with the Department of Public Works - Engineering Division to see if the road in question is on the list for upcoming paving projects. This list takes some time, and all roads to be paved in a season may not be confirmed until close to paving season, which generally starts in/around April. 

Why Residents Should Email EngineeringResident requests for paving are retained and are part of the overall equation when Public Works is evaluating what streets to repave in a season. If you would like to request road repaving, the easiest thing to do is send an email to dpw-engineering@andoverma.us so the Town Engineer can document it. 

About the Pavement Management Program - Each year a team from Public Works sits down to discuss the pavement program to strategize and plan for the next several years.  There are several factors that contribute to the decision to pave a roadway and as noted, resident submitted requests and observations are one of those factors. One of the most influential tools we use is our Pavement Management Program which helps to prioritize based on condition and potential to spend most efficiently.  We also attempt to target a variety of areas throughout Town so that as many people as possible benefit from newly paved roadways.  Another factor is giving consideration to any upcoming construction work, as we would obviously not want to pave a roadway only to have it excavated. Roads with planned work (public or private jobs) do not get paved until after all work has been completed, then there is a 5-year moratorium on street openings except in emergency cases. As we build out our pavement program, we try to maximize the dollars that are available to the Town based on all these factors. We have found that it is helpful to share an overview of how the process works to provide an understanding that there is a systematic approach and residents’ concerns are certainly part of that process.

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1. When will my street be paved?