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Andover Talent Bank Form

  1. Andover Talent Bank
    The Andover Talent Bank is a means of identifying residents who are interested in serving the community on a Town committee, board, commission or task force.

    There are numerous committees, boards or commissions appointed with terms ranging from 1 to 5 years. Please check the committee, board or commission you are interested in. If you are interested in more than one, rank your interests accordingly. Please note if there are not any vacancies on the committee, board, or commissions you selected, your information will be retained and considered when a future vacancy occurs
  2. Committees Appointed by the Town Manager

    Check any board(s) that you are interested in serving on.

  3. Committees Appointed by the Town Moderator
    Check any board(s) that you are interested in serving on.
  4. Committees Appointed by the Select Board

    Check any board(s) that your are interested in serving on.

  5. Meeting Availability*
    May of these boards/committees/commissions meet at least twice per month and may meet more often prior to Town Meeting. Please indicate how many meetings you are able to attend per month.
  6. Please indicate any limitations you may have on your time commitment.
  7. Please detail your areas of special interest and/or education.
  8. Because of conflict of interest problems with certain positions, please list your current employer and your position with that employer.
  9. Please indicate any special skill or expertise that you would consider volunteering to the Town.
  10. If you would like to upload your resume please do using the browse button
  11. Please provide us with a short paragraph about yourself and why you chose to make Andover your home.
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