How to place an article on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant?
A private article may be submitted for inclusion on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant on petition of ten (10) registered voters of the Town. The Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting is opened and closed by the Board of Selectmen. The Warrant is typically open from early November through late January. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office for the precise dates for the current year. Petitions for private warrant articles are submitted to the Town Clerk's Office for certification of signatures.

After the articles have been placed on the Warrant, the articles go through a series of committee and department reviews and hearings. Different boards and committees are responsible for a report at Town Meeting of their findings depending on whose jurisdiction the article will fall under.

For instance, all money articles are reviewed by the Finance Committee at hearings that take place after the closing of the Warrant. A report on their findings are given at Town Meeting when the article is addressed. Residents are welcome to attend these hearings to explain their article to the committee. More discussion will be generated on the floor of Town Meeting before any action is taken by the Town Meeting members.

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