Do you provide water testing services for town residents?

The laboratory is limited in the parameters that can be tested for town residents. We are not able to provide testing to solve an internal plumbing issue, or to determine what type of filter you should purchase if your plumber has recommended one. Testing cannot be done for well water or businesses, regardless of location. 

Should you have specific water quality concerns and you are an Andover Municipal Water Customer, please contact the Chemist via email at and leave your name, address, phone number, and your questions.

After the laboratory chemist has spoken with you, if testing is warranted, arrangements will be made for you to pick up sample collection bottles and sampling instructions.   

Samples must be returned to the laboratory for analysis, within 24 hours of sample collection, along with a completed Chain of Custody. We will only accept samples that have been collected in the sample bottles supplied by our lab.

Tests are done as a courtesy and at no charge to residents, and analysis is performed using in-house instrumentation. We are not certified for the majority of analyses.

There is a minimum two-week turn-around time from the time samples are delivered to the laboratory and a report is issued. 

Residents that are known to have a partial or full lead water service line may request analysis for lead and copper in their water. Testing for these analytes requires specific sampling containers and instructions. It may take up to four weeks for sample results to be reported to you.

There are many laboratories in the region that may be able to provide you with water quality testing resources. We advise that you use a MADEP certified laboratory that will accept residential samples. Please view our document, Certified Laboratories for Homeowner Testing for a list of certified laboratories.

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