How to determine the maxium number of occupants?

response to multiple inquiries requesting determination of the maximum occupant
load the following is the Town of Andover’s policy in accordance with the
Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR and the Massachusetts Fire Prevention
Code 527 CMR. 

Consult the number of “Maximum Occupants” listed on
your Certificate of Inspection which is required to be posted in a “conspicuous
place in close proximity to the main entrance.”

2.)    If your Certificate of Inspection is not current, complete a new “Certificate of Inspection Application” which may be found at under the Building Divisions, Fees, Forms and Checklists. 

3.)    If you do not have a Certificate of Inspection and are one of the listed occupancies for which such is required per 780 CMR, Table 110 (copy below), you will need to complete the “Certificate of Inspection Application” found at under the Building Divisions Fees, Forms and Checklists section, AND submit a current “Occupant Load Count and Egress Analysis” prepared and stamped by a Massachusetts Registered Architect for review by this office prior to an inspection taking place. Once an inspection has occurred this office will issue a current Certificate of Inspection for the occupant to post on the premises. 

110.7 Periodic Inspections

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