What streets are not subject to the 25 MPH speed limit?

Certain roads with existing speed regulations are not subject to the reduced speed limit, even if they are in a tickly settled or business district. There are 19 special speed regulations on file with MassDOT, governing 29 local jurisdiction roadways in Andover. This includes many major thoroughfares. Click this link for a map.

Complete list of streets and roads with existing speed regulations:

Abbot Bridge Dr.
Algonquin Ave.
Andover St.
Argilla Rd.
Ballardvale Rd.
Brundrett Ave.
Rt. 125 Bypass Rd.
Central Street
Chandler Rd
Clark Rd.
Cuba St.
Dascomb Rd.
Eastman Rd.
Elm St.
Harold Parker Rd.
Haverhill St.
High St.
Jenkins Rd.
Lovejoy Rd.
Lowell St.
Lupine Rd.
Main St.
Moraine St.
North Main St.
Red Spring Rd.
River Rd.
River St.
Salem St.
School St.
Shawsheen Rd.
South Main St.
Stevens St.
Woburn St.

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