What streets are not subject to the 25 MPH speed limit?

Certain roads with existing speed regulations are not subject to the reduced speed limit, even if they are in a tickly settled or business district. At the time of the implementation of a town wide 25 MPH speed limit in Andover, 34 roadways were subject to a special speed regulation. 

In August, the Andover Select Board voted to rescind special speed regulations on 16 roadways, which will lower their speed limits to 25 MPH, consistent with the town wide speed restriction. A multi-step approval process must be completed in order for the special speed regulations to be formally rescinded and for the reduced speed limit to be enforced on the identified roadways. Throughout the last several months, MassDOT has reviewed the rescission of special speed regulations for each street individually, rather than considering all 16 requests simultaneously. As a result, the status of the speed regulation rescission process varies by street.

When the approval process is complete, speed limits will continue to exceed 25 miles per hour on just 12 streets where it was determined that special speed regulations should not be rescinded given their functional class and vehicle volume:

Bypass Road (Route 125), 
Chandler Road, 
Dascomb Road, 
Harold Parker, 
Haverhill Street, 
Jenkins Road, 
Lovejoy Road, 
Lowell Street, 
North Main Street (principal arterial), 
North Street, 
River Road, and
South Main Street.

Six other roadways are subject to special speed regulations that sets their speed limit at 25 MPH or lower.

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