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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. 100B Committee
  3. 375th Anniversary Committee
  4. Andover 2020 Census Complete Count Committee
  5. Andover Cultural Council
  6. Andover Green Advisory Board
  7. Andover High School Building Committee
  8. Andover Housing Authority
  9. Andover Housing Partnership Committee
  10. Andover MBTA Community Working Group
  11. Andover School Committee (Meeting Notice)
  12. Andover Schools Councils
  13. Andover Youth Services Steering Committee
  14. Audit Committee
  15. Ballardvale Historic District Commission
  16. Board of Assessors
  17. Board of Health
  18. Board of Registrars
  19. Commission on Disability
  20. Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  21. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
  22. Conservation Commission
  23. Council on Aging
  24. Dascomb Road Zoning Task Force
  25. Design Review Board
  26. Economic Development Council
  27. Elder Services Task Force
  28. Elderly and Disabled Tax Fund Committee
  29. Finance Committee
  30. Historic Mill District Task Force
  1. Housing Trust Fund Board of Trustees
  2. Investment Committee
  3. Master Plan Steering Committee
  4. Memorial Hall Library Board of Trustees
  5. OPEB Advisory Committee
  6. Open Space Task Force
  7. Parking Implementation Plan Committee
  8. Patriotic Holiday Committee
  9. Permanent Town Building Advisory Committee
  10. Planning Board
  11. Preservation Commission
  12. Retirement Board
  13. Revenue and Expenditure Task Force
  14. Scholarship Committee
  15. Select Board
  16. Spring Grove Cemetery Trustees
  17. State/Regional Meetings
  18. Towle Fund
  19. Town Governance Study Committee
  20. Town Seal Review Committee
  21. Town Tree Committee
  22. Town Yard Selection Committee
  23. Training
  24. TRIAD Council
  25. Trustees of Cornell Fund
  26. Trustees of the Punchard Free School
  27. West Elementary School Building Committee
  28. Youth Center Building Committee
  29. Zoning Board of Appeals
  30. Zoning Bylaw Study Committee