Restore Andover

Information related to the restoration and recovery process following the Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster of 2018

After Action Reports

Andover After Action Report by Ed Davis Company LLC

Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster After Action Report by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Public Works Restoration Information

Click here to view the Gas Restoration Paving List for 2020

Click here to view the Road and Sidewalk Restoration Project

Click here to view the Department of Public Works Paving Map

Click here to view all project news in the Town of Andover

Town of Andover Recovery and Restoration Plan

Click here to view the Town of Andover Restoration and Recovery Plan

National Transportation Safety Board - Executive Summary of Findings and Probable Cause

Click here to view the Abstract Report of the Overpressurization of the Natural Gas Distribution System in the Merrimack Valley

Special Town Meeting 

There will be a Special Town Meeting on June 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Andover Memorial Auditorium, 36 Bartlet Street. There will be two articles on the Special Town Meeting Warrant. The first article will be to establish capital fund accounts from settlement funds received from Columbia Gas, and the second article will authorize funds for water main replacement projects. 

Town Meeting Location Note: Please note, the Special Town Meeting will not be held in the Collins Center where Town Meetings are typically held - the Special Town Meeting will be in the Andover Memorial Auditorium behind the Town Office Building. 

Public Information Sessions

There will be three public information sessions to learn more about the Special Town Meeting. The sessions will be held at the following times and locations 

June 11th - Memorial Hall Library - Third Floor - 7:00 PM

June 12th - Town Offices - Third Floor - 8:00 AM - Watch the Andover TV Recording! 

June 17th - Town Offices - Third Floor - 6:00 PM 

Special Town Meeting Warrant

Click here to view the Special Town Meeting Warrant

Special Town Meeting Finance Committee Report

Click here to view the Special Town Finance Committee Report

Settlement with Columbia Gas and Andover, North Andover and Lawrence

Click here to view the Settlement Agreement between the Towns of Andover and North Andover and the City of Lawrence